The Beauty of Tokyo and Osaka, Japan

Has it ever cross your mind to visit Japan? If you haven’t, it is time to reconsider your decision! Because you will certainly be amazed by the beauty of this country.

What comes to your mind when the word ‘Japan’ came across your thoughts? Probably, first and foremost, you will think about their advanced technology, but for me, I will think about the bright and pink-colored Sakura flowers blowing everywhere when it is spring. I will think about the white and cold Mt. Fuji. I will think about the clean and organized society that lives there. And that is not all! There is a lot more that you can see and experience in Japan if you want to visit it.

Now, what do you think? Does it increase your desire to visit Japan? If not yet, don’t worry and let me guide you to unveil the real beauty of Japan. Prepare to be amazed by this country through the portrayal of two wonderful cities in Japan, Tokyo and Osaka.


Tokyo is already well-known as the capital city of Japan. Bustling with people, buildings and transportations, it remains the most popular city for tourists. And here’s why:

1)Meiji Jingu Shrine

A shrine made solely for the spirits of Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken, his consort. It was built in a large area surrounded by trees which make the shrine to be some sort of a forest area in the middle of a city full of modern buildings. Walking around the shrine will soothe and calm your heart. It is a great place for you to run away from the busy city. The shrine includes the famous torii gate at its entrance, the offering hall of Meiji Jingu, Meiji Jingu Treasure House, Museum Annex Building and Inner Garden.

2)Imperial Palace East Garden

Who could resist a place where a lot of trees and flowers were planted? The Imperial Palace East Garden is a part of the inner palace area. It was created inside the former site of Edo Castle so you can see some remnants of the castle such as old barracks and guard houses. It is recommended to come during spring or autumn as the flowers will show its full beauty during that season.

3)Asakusa Sensoji Temple

This temple is known as the oldest temple in Tokyo. Legends said that if you visit this temple, it will bring you good luck, happiness and most importantly, it will make your wish come true! That is only if you are a believer but worry not! Because if you are not a believer, visit Asakusa Sensoji Temple and observe the traditional Japanese culture flourish at that place. You can also stop at the famous Nakamise-Dori which has the best souvenir’s shop in Tokyo.

4)Harajuku Fashion Town

Where to find a place for the best fashion? Of course, the answer to that is Harajuku Fashion Town. It is the centre of Japanese fashion style offering many shops that you can visit to find your preferable fashion. Takeshita Dori or Takeshita Street is the focus of this place as it is lined up with a variety of shops along its street.

5)Akihabara Electronic Town 

If you are a gadget’s lovers or anime lovers, then this is definitely the place to come. Akihabara is full of shops that sell various kind of electronic devices at a low price that they can give to you. This town is also a place of gathering for Japanese otaku and anime culture. You can find many stores selling anime-related goods and don’t be surprised to find someone wearing maid outfits or any anime characters as it is the culture that they practiced there.

6)Tokyo Disneyland

Visiting Tokyo means that you can’t miss out from going to the one and only, Tokyo Disneyland, a fun theme park that must be visited. You will certainly have a memorable and happy experience playing and relaxing in this place. The theme park has many interesting games or attractions that you can enjoy.


Although Osaka is not as famous as Tokyo or Kyoto is, the city still has its own perk that can’t be denied by anyone who had gone to this city. Let’s go and see it by yourself!

1)Dotonbori Gourmet District

Known as the nation’s kitchen, the city offers various Japanese delicacy that will make your mouth waters. This is proven through Dotonbori Gourmet District where you can find many Japanese delicacies such as takoyaki, okonomiyaki, cakes, cookies and a whole lot more to be listed. The street that was filled with neon lights will make your eyes blind by its colorfulness and brightness.

2)Osaka Castle

Visit the oldest castle in Japan and see the beauty of Japan’s traditional architecture with your own eyes. Toyotami Hideyoshi intended to make this castle as the centre for the new Japan but failed to do so due to his death. When you get inside the house, you will receive more information regarding its history and its master, Toyotami Hideyoshi.

3) Universal Studio Japan 

One of the Universal Studios brand that offers a variety of attractions like roller coasters and simulators based on famous movies such as Spiderman, Jurassic Park, etc. It is also a great spot to take pictures especially with many kinds of mascots lurking around inside the studio.

Well, what do you think now? Isn’t it so tempting that you wish you are already right there at this exact moment? This is only a part of what is in Tokyo and Osaka, you have to go there and explore it by yourself to find out more hidden beauty of these two cities.

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I hope you find this article helpful and make sure to pick Japan as your next travel destination!

Happy traveling! 

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