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Get Rewarded!

We appreciate your contribution to share fresh, up-to-date and unique experiences, photos and loyalty to #AMItravel and it is only fair to give back to you with rewards!

How do I earn points?

There are 6 ways to earn points.

  • Firstly, be an #AMIlovers

By purchase any of products from #AMItravel, you automatically be an #AMIlovers and earn points…!

< RM>

1 point

< RM>

4 points

< RM>

5 points

> RM 3000

6 points

  • Secondly, send us at least THREE pictures of your BEST moments and definitely NOT A SELFIE!

(2 points for each photo | maximum is 5 photos…)

Thirdly, like our OFFICIAL FACEBOOK: (1 point)


Follow almasyhur_travel ( on Instagram! (1 point)

We are pretty sure you have one right?

Important: Done posted your photo in your social media?

Do not forget to tag us! (2 points for each)

  • Fourthly, write a review in simple sentences about your trip. Are you satisfied? Spread the good news about #AMItravel (3 points) at:

    Bangi’s Office:,3
Johor’s Office:,3,

  • Fifthly, share with friends and family members about #AMItravel. If they purchase a package, you will be rewarded! (3 points)

  • Lastly, write a story about your travelling experience with #AMItravel in a blog, or maybe share some travel tips to others? (4 points)



You can accumulate the points and use the points as a real money to book activities from #AMItravel. Your points will be accumulated for 1 year and once you have 300 points, you can use them as a way to pay any travel activities on AMI.


*Please note that your points will be accumulated for 1 year. It will automatically be expired after a year. 


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