Muslim tour to Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne has been one of the cities in Australia that people would mostly pick when they want to go on a trip to the country. Well, they cannot be blamed for choosing this city considering how attractive the city is for travelers and it also comes with many interesting places to visit. It is also famous for its European style buildings and the laneway culture making the city becomes more unique.

Furthermore, Melbourne is not just famous for its diverse and beautiful culture but it is also known for having Muslims as a minority religious community. So, if you are a Muslim, you might be having a second thought whether to go on the trip or not. However, fret not! because, although Islam is small in Melbourne, this place is open to everyone from various cultures, races and religions. 

The first place to visit is an important landmark of Melbourne, Queen Victoria Market that was described as the largest and the most intact 19th-century market in the city. You can walk through the market and discover a variety of clothes, souvenirs, foods, coffees, jewellery and many more exclusively made in Melbourne.

Then, you can stop to several significant places in Melbourne to capture the precious moment in your cameras such as in St Patrick CathedralFitzroy Garden and Shrine of Remembrance.

St Patrick Cathedral
Experience the beautiful architecture of gothic element. 

Fitzroy Garden
Enjoy the beauty of the garden with its ornamental lake, a scarred tree, a conservatory, fountains, sculptures, etc. One of the major landscaped gardens during the Victorian era and it is claimed to be 'the garden city of Australia' by the local.

                                                           Shrine of Remembrance
 Visit the war memorial created to honor all the citizen of Australia who had served
                                            in a war to protect their country. 

Your trip to Melbourne would not be complete if you exclude Philip Island from your schedule. Get ready to be amazed by Brighton Beach Color Bathing Box where you can find a group of wooden beach huts that have been colored with various color making the beach becomes beautiful than ever. Meanwhile, A Maze’N Thing will surely make your head spin with its amusing optical illusions, mazes, puzzles and magic. The Penguin Parade is also a must visit tourist spot. Observing the cute penguins walking in a group towards their burrows will be an unforgettable experience for you.

Despite all that, the most important thing when you are going on a trip is the food, especially for Muslims. Having a delicious meal is a must so that your day will be brighter, but the meal must also be a Halal-certified. This is what most Muslims definitely worried about when they are going to an Islam-minority country. Well, what you do not know is, there is a lot of Halal restaurants in Melbourne!

   1. Killiney Kopitiam- originated from Singapore and it offers a range of Asian food that you can choose from its menu.

   2. Homestead- A Halal certified restaurant which is sure to make you feels hungry when you look at their food.

And a whole lot more to be visited!

Isn't it seems to be so much fun? Traveling to Melbourne will make you learn more about their cultures and traditions. Not only that, Halal food can also be found even in Melbourne, an Islam-minority country. You can also observe how Islam is being practiced there. Come and engulf yourself in the beauty of this city!

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I hope you find this article helpful. 

Happy traveling!                                                                                

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