Food Guide for Muslims in South Korea

South Korea, located in East Asia, is becoming a popular vacation spot, especially among Malaysians. One of the main reason people travel to another country is to experience their culture and especially their local cuisine! However, it is a bit difficult for Muslims to try their authentic and exquisite food because they would doubt if the food served is halal or not.

Thanks to Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) for establishing official classifications for 136 appointed Muslim Friendly restaurants across Korea, now Muslims have a lot more options in choosing restaurants.





Halal certified

 The restaurant has already received Halal certificate from Korea Muslim Federation (KMF)




The owner or chef is Muslim and they only use Halal ingredients in each of their menus and they self-certified their restaurant as Halal.


Muslim friendly


The restaurant does provide Halal menu however alcohol is sold in the restaurant.


The restaurant does not offer Halal menu and serve Non Halal meat like chicken and beef. However, no pork is served or used as ingredients in the restaurant.


This should definitely clear some doubts that Muslims have towards restaurants in Korea. Along with the food guide for Muslims, there’s also a few suggestion for restaurants that you can try while there.


  1. Eid Halal Korean Food


If you have been dying to get a taste of an authentic local Korean cuisine, then head on to Eid restaurant that is located in Itaewon. Do not worry about the food because Eid restaurant has a halal certificate from Korea Muslim Federation. The restaurant is owned by Korea Muslims. A little fun fact, they also started a branch in Bandar Baru Bangi a few years ago that is being managed by their son.


  1. Makan Halal Korean Food


This is another halal restaurant you can go too in Itaewon. It is a self-certified Halal restaurant. In other words, it does not have a halal certificate from KMF but since the owner is a Muslim, they made sure that the ingredients used are halal only.


  1. Busan Jib Restaurant


Located in Myeongdong, Busan Jib serves Halal-certified meat only for their dishes and the restaurant is pork free.


  1. Dongmun Restaurant


Dong Mun, located in Nami Island, is the fourth restaurant in Korea to received Halal certification from KMF. They also serve varieties of Asian delicacies ranging from Vietnamese food to Korean local cuisine.

Hopefully, more Muslim won't be afraid to try authentic Korean cuisine with the rise of Muslim-friendly restaurants. It won't be much of an experience if you don't try their local food. Click here if you are interested to know more about our package to South Korea. 

I hope you find this article helpful. 

Happy traveling! 

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