Dos and Don'ts in Japan

Who doesn’t love Japan? The country is filled with unique cultures, traditions, and customs that you can’t find anywhere else; it’s like a unique blend of traditional and modern. I bet most of you can’t wait to plan your visit there. However, there are a few do’s and don’ts that you must know before coming to Japan.


  1. Learn chopstick etiquette


Going to japan means you are definitely going to eat in a restaurant. In order not to offend Japanese people, you need to learn basic chopstick etiquette. If you need to put your chopstick down, use a chopstick holder next to your plate. Don’t stick your chopsticks vertically in your bowl of rice because it resembles a funeral ritual. Lastly, do not rub your chopsticks together, Japanese people find it rude. (I am very much guilty of this)


  1. Don’t pour soy sauce in your rice


This is something that is quite common among Malaysians. However, what is common to us, doesn’t necessarily means it is acceptable in Japan. Rice is used to balance out the flavors of other food.


  1. Don’t eat while walking or in public transport


Eating standing up is okay, if you bought food on street stands or stalls. However, eating and drinking while walking is considered bad manners especially if you are on a public transport.


  1. Respect the queuing system


I’m sure everyone is well aware of this. Japanese people love to queue; at a bus stop, on a train platform and even elevators. Please be aware of this while you are traveling in Japan using their public transport.


  1. Don’t point at yourself


Pointing is considered rude in Japan. If you want to refer to yourself, do not point at your chest. Instead, use your forefinger and point/touch your nose.


  1. Don’t use one hand when giving or receiving things


Use both hands when you are giving and receiving things. Also, when you’re paying at a shop, place the money on a small tray next to the cash register instead of handing it out to the cashier.

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Happy traveling!

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