AMI Travel Website: The Complete Guide

Surfing into the web might not be as easy as you think it is. With so many features, you can get lost while searching for the things that you want.

Well, here comes the hero to save you from any more confusion!

Come and let’s go through this complete guide to learn more about our AMI Travel website.

Before we start, the most important thing to know is that we, AMI Travel has two main websites: and




Why two?

As a travel agency, we don’t want to confuse our customer by putting all of our tour packages in one site. We divided our website with one of it will provide information on inbound and outbound packages while the other website will focus on Umrah and Hajj packages.

Let’s move towards our first step in getting to know about our two main websites. First of all, I will gladly present to you our first website:
This website used English as the website primary language since the packages deal with both international and domestic trip.

Let me guide you to discover more of this website:

1. At the top of our website page, you can see our contact information: email and contact number as well as our motto, “Discover The World With Us”.

2. Then, you will see the services that we offer consisting of Excursions, Honeymoon, Cruises, Visa, Islands, Theme Park Tickets, Group Inclusive Tour (GIT) and Transportation.

Click one of your preferred services, it will direct you to the page that contains all related packages regarding the services.

See the example in the picture below:

Click ‘Islands’.

After that, this page will appear (all island packages).

Repeat the same step for other services.

4. If you have already set a destination for your trip, you can continue to scroll down the page and you will discover that we have already set aside our packages according to countries.

Choose your preferred country and explore all our packages that can bring you there. We provide packages to a lot of countries so we hope that your destination will be among these countries.

For example:
Click China.

This page will appear.

Then, choose your desired location in China.
Click Beijing.

Here you are (all packages to Beijing).

 You can also choose some of our new tour packages on the front page of our website.

If you already have in your mind what type of package you want to join, you can scroll down until you reached the bottom of our website page where you will find options for types of packages that you can choose: Guaranteed Departure, Private Packages, Join Group and Self Drive.

Click on one of these and you will be directed to the related page. For example:

Click ‘Guaranteed Departure’.

This page will appear with all of our ‘Guaranteed Departure’ packages.

Note that all our tour packages in is only ground arrangement packages. You can either buy your own flight ticket or request quotation for a full package from us.
The best part of our packages is that you can choose your own traveling date as long as the package is still valid.
However, for 'Guaranteed Departure' packages, you have to choose from the dates that have been given to you in the package website. 

That is all for website but don’t forget, we have one more website to be introduced:

The differences between the two websites are in the different tour packages offered and also in the language used where used Malay language as its main language. Since this website focus on Umrah and Hajj, our target is for Malaysian, hence the reason for using Malay language.

Let's us also go through this website:

1. Find our contact information: email and phone number at the top of the page together with our motto, “Terokai Dunia Bersama Kami” just like in the other website.

Then, you will see our offered services: Visa Umrah, FAQ Umrah, Persediaan Umrah and Perlepasan Berkumpulan.

For example:
If you have any questions regarding umrah, you can simply click 'FAQ Umrah'

and read more about ‘Persoalan dan Jawapan Mengenai Pakej Umrah’

Or you can click 'Persediaan Umrah'

where you will be given ‘Tips Persediaan Ibadah Umrah dan Haji’

Our Umrah and Hajj packages are all shown on the front page of the website

 If you are interested in our 'Perlepasan Berkumpulan', you can have a look at the page and explore more of our packages.

Well, that is the end for introduction.

But, before we move one, there are also some other features that will be useful for you to use when you visit our websites:

1. When you don’t want to waste your time scrolling the website, you can simply click on the search button and put your desired country in it. This is also provided on both websites.

You can see how to do it below:

Click on the search button.

Insert your desired country/location/place.

Then, you will be moved to this page (all Korea packages).

If your desired package is not available after exploring and searching through our packages in the websites, you can directly contact us and make a request to create your package since we also provide Tailor-made and Custom-made packages based on our customer needs.

Click your desired package.

You will be moved to this page.

Click 'Book Now'.

Finally, you will reach this page for your own tailor-made package.

This is also applied in website.

3. See the full itinerary and other important details when you click your chosen package.

Beside the search button, you can see three other options: Worldwide (Sedunia), Umrah & Group Series and Contact us (Hubungi Kami) where their function is the same in both websites.

Take a look below:

Click 'Umrah & Group Series' or 'Perlepasan Berkumpulan', you will be directed to

Then, click on Worldwide or Sedunia, 
you will be moved to page.

5. By clicking 'Contact Us' or 'Hubungi Kami', you will be directed to a page where you will be provided with our branch offices, address and other information.

We also provide 'Online Form' or ‘Hubungi Kami’ for you to contact us directly from our website page.

You can find out more about our company through 'About Us' page and the link can be found in 'Contact Us' page.

Check our customer’s photos in 'Photos Gallery'. You can find the link to the page at the bottom of our website page.

I guess this is the end for our websites introduction. I hope this complete guide will be useful for you when you visit our websites. Remember to visit our two main websites, here and here.

Reach us at:

T: +6 07-550 0045
Whatsapp: + 010 331 3181

T: +6 03-8925 0811/ 8928 0811
Whatsapp: + 010 300 1505

Happy Exploring!

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