7 Packing Tips That Will Change Your Life

The first time I went traveling, I didn’t know how or what to pack and it’s even worse when I like to pack things at the last minute! I basically packed everything with me that I thought I “absolutely need” when in fact I don’t. Because of that, I got super frustrated when my suitcase can’t fit all my items and eventually, I ended up with more bags than I can carry. That is something we all need to avoid.

Without further ado, here are tips and tricks for traveling that you can use.


  1. Checklist


If you’re the kind that likes to do things at the last minute, then having a checklist is all the more important! Make a checklist of your essentials, (i.e. toiletries, charger, makeup, etc.). It’ll be a lot less stressful with a checklist in your hand when you’re doing your last-minute packing.


  1. Roll. Don’t fold.


Always roll your clothes! It’ll save a lot of space and you can carry extra items such as a belt or extra socks.


Step 1: Fold your clothes in half

Step 2: Roll your clothes from shoulder going down

Step 3: Enjoy the extra space that this trick provides


It’s simple, easy and takes less space.


  1. Pack two tops for every bottom.


Let’s face it, we all have over-packed before and then regret it later on because we don’t use all the clothing that we brought. Even more frustrating when you are trying to pack your bags to go home and you realized that you have even less space than before! So by doing this, it will keep you from bringing your whole closet.


  1. Weigh it out.


A general rule of thumb is to put all heavy items closest to the wheels so that the weight will be distributed evenly.


  1. Plastic wrap


This is a life-saver if you are trying to avoid shampoo explosions. You need a plastic wrap or a cling wrap that has been cut into small squares.


Step 1: Unscrew the product’s lid.

Step 2: Set the plastic wrap on top

Step 3: Screw the lid back on


Three simple steps to prevent your products from leaking inside your bag.


  1. Shower caps!


Stuff your shoes into shower caps so that your clothes won’t get dirty. Don’t have one? It’s okay, just take one from the hotel bathroom.


  1. Sunglass case


Roll your loose wire (i.e. USB cord, earphones and etc.) in your sunglass case that you don’t use anymore. It’ll help protect the wires from getting tangled or missing.


 I hope these tips will help, especially for the first-time traveler!  Let’s not make the same mistake I did.


Happy traveling guys!

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